Career Page Offering

Sales overview for the PeopleMatter / Fork & Knife Career Page Options

Option 1: Configurable Career Microsite

Career Microsites are included in the standard/premium package at no cost to the customer. Fork & Knife will do the setup and integration for all new clients. Since this product is free, there are very specific configuration options. Any customization to this will be scoped and quoted by Fork & Knife.

What is a Microsite?

A microsite is a small website that stands alone from a clients normal website. Think of this as a completely seperate website from the clients main website. This allows us full control over the website, and makes creating, updating, and integrating career pages much easier.

We have created two different microsite demos for you to show clients.

Microsite with Map Search » Microsite with Table Search »

What's Configurable in a Microsite?

1. Client Logo

Client's identity will be placed in the main header and footer of the microsite. Please request a high resolution transparent .PNG file, OR a vector .EPS file. We need that type of file to allow the logo to have a transparent background, like we are showing in the examples.

2. Choice of 1 Main Color

Client can choose a Main color to be used throughout the page. Any place you see the blue in the Map demo, or green in the table demo is what would be changed. All other colors remain standard.

3. Social Media Links

Clients can add/remove links to any of the social media outlets show. Please send a list of links at the time of configuration.

4. Editable Text

All body copy within the microsite is configurable. Please request all text from the client at the time of configuration. Remeber that the content areas are meant for a quick 1 or 2 sentences, not a ton of text.

5. Photography or YouTube Videos

All photography is changeable. Photography must be provided by the client and sized properly before submitting. Customers also have the ability to replace a photo with a YouTube video in the first 3 content boxes. If customers do not have photography, or do not have the ability to size photos correctly, Fork & Knife will provide a "Designer's Choice" add-on explained below.

6. Optional Chat Widget

The chat widget you see at the bottom of the microsites is powered by Client's must setup an account with, and provide us with the username and password prior to configuration. Fork & Knife does not provide support on this. All support for this must be handled internally or with

7. Choice of Map or Table Search

All Microsites look and function the same, except with the choice of a Map or Table for searching jobs. The map works better with larger companies that have locations all over. The table works well for smaller companies, or large companies that dont like the map.

8. Optional "Designers Choice" add-on: $250

These microsites can easily turn ugly if the wrong photo or colors are in place. We know a lot of clients will have designers on staff that can conciously make these decisions, but for those who don't, we hope to provide customers the best looking pages by offering this option.

If a customer does not have the ability, or does not want to pick out photography, color, size photos Fork & Knife will provide that service for an addition $250 fee. If client's do not have photography, Fork & Knife will pick out stock photography. The cost of Stock Photography is not included in this price.

Microsite FAQ

These items would have to be priced separately as a customization.

Multiple Pages
A lot of times a client needs a customization that would require us to create multiple page. This would need to be priced on a per client basis.

Job Categorization
This usually entails us creating multiple pages for the client. This would need to be priced on a per client basis.

Display multiple logos / pins on the map based on a “keyword” in the location title $750 customization

Changing “Apply Now” links
Change Apply links to go to an old system or different job application. This usually entails a phased PeopleMatter rollout that would have to be custom priced.

Hide Specific Locations by Business ID
$750 Customization

Yes! We now offer this at no additional cost

On the map option, the Microsite searches for the users IP address and automatically adjusts the map to the users location. That way, the first look of the map will always be current.

Note that some browsers do not support this, and it will not work. Other browsers will force the user to accept that the website uses their location. This is something we cannot change, as it's a security feature within the browser

This is a complicated questions. Long story short, is the map is a rectangle and "radius" refers to a circle. There is not an exact measurement, no. We can control how zoomed in the map is, but that is not a configurable option. This would be a customization.

Photo sizes vary based on where they are to be placed on the microsite. Photos need to be cropped to the correct size prior to sending.

Use the below guide for photo sizes:

Full Width Images (main header, search teaser, footer) - 1300px x 800px

Content Block Photos (Company Overview, Path & Culture) - 450px x 350px

Please note that photo size changes depending on the size of your browser and screen size. The entire selected photo may not always be visible.

YES, they have to submit their own images. If they would like, they can use default photos from the restaurant demo microsite example.

If they choose the designers choice option, Fork & Knife will select stock photography for them.

In order to make best use of the template, we’d recommend they use 3 unique images. However, it is not required.

We recommend 3, but they can delete 1 or 2 of them if need be. If they choose to eliminate any of the content areas, everything on the page would simply move up a section.

You cannot simply just remove a photo from the content area. You have to delete the entire section.

Technically there is no limit, but from a design perspective and to make best use of the real estate provided, we suggest no more than 60-70 characters per content box.

Hexidecimal values are the required method; no sub-colors are available currently.

Example Hexidecimal Color Format: #46C09b

If they don’t provide their chosen color, we’ll try to match as close as we can using the logo provided.

For microsites, we do not handle anything with the customers existing website. It's the customers responsibility to link to the microsite however they want to.

We will provide the customer their microsite URL (i.e. ‘’)

No problem, just send us a link to the video. You may only use a YouTube video in place of the photo in the Company Overview, Path and/or Culture blocks.

Not at this time. We only support YouTube videos.

Not at this time. We handle all the content on the website. It's important to have all content prior to submitting to Fork & Knife.

All URLs will be a sub domain of ""


Yes, we need to be made aware of this before we build the microsite, and the domain needs to be properly setup before we can start:

1. The client will have to purchase/register their own domain name and point the domain at our server. Whomever manages the customer's domains can point it to the IP address provided by Fork & Knife.

Domain Instructions:
The client will need to create an A record of the domain and point it at our server. Our IP address is Once the client notifies us this has been completed, we will make the required adjustments on our end.

2. There also needs to be an SSL certificate on the website (HTTPS instead of HTTP). Because Fork & Knife hosts the microsites, the easiest route is to purchase the SSL through our server. A yearly cost of $75 will be billed directly to the client. Please provide Fork & Knife with a billing contact name, mailing address and email address.

The customer could potentially purchase their own SSL certificate and send us the private key. However, there are more steps involved which makes this a longer, more difficult and costly process. We would prefer to only offer purchasing an SSL through Fork & Knife.

Currently our turnaround time is two weeks, but as is often the case, it will likely depend on how well prepared everything is that gets sent over (i.e. image sizes, image format, etc). After the initial deliverable, the customer will get one round of revisions. After that, an hourly rate will be charged.

Option Two: Job Search Plugin

If a client is not interested in having a Microsite because they want the page to live within their current site, we can provide two options. This is our old offering, and we would prefer the Microsite route over it. Note that we are no longer offering 5 layouts, only the 3 below.

We can either send the client files for their developers to integrate, or Fork & Knife can integrate for them. If the right access is not provided, the customers developers will have to integrate.

Fork & Knife will adjust each layouts colors to match the customers brand. Note that the functionality shown in the demos below is what the client would be purchasing. Any functionality changes would need to be quotted as a customization.

The standard plugin pricing applies - $1,000 or $1,500 depending, on employee count.

Map / Tab Layout

This layout provides another option for the map layout that eliminates all pop ups and displays the content in a tabbed format.

View demo »

Standard List Layout

Provides a list of all open positions with no sorting options. This version is best suited to companies that have fewer job listings. Options include the ability to add or remove the business name and/or city and state.

View demo »

Table Layout with Sorting

Provides a list of all open positions with the ability to sort by both business and location. This layout works great for large companies with multiple businesses (Currently showing 50 eggs jobs).

View demo »

Plugin FAQ

Yes, but this is typically handled by having multiple career pages and needs to be priced as a customization per client.

We will send them "generic" looking files that are styled to match their brand. This comes in the form of a packaged ZIP file of javascript, css, and HTML files. The customer will need their web developers to take that and integrate it into the site. Fork & Knife cannot act as a support liason for another developer's work. This option comes as is. Fork and Knife can only support pages where they did the integration.

Short Answer: Yes, but that page needs to be hosted somewhere in order to iframe it.

Long Answer: We prefer that a client does not embed an iFrame into their site. iFrames are used as a last resort, as they have many limitations. We only recommend using iFrames if a clients site does not have an editable backend and/or they cannot or do not have FTP access. This happens a lot with the out-of-the-box websites like SquareSpace, Wix, GoDaddy Website Tonight, or Weebly. The page would still need to be hosted somewhere. We can host it for them for $175 per year, or they can provide their own hosting. If the website platform does not allow code access we cannot do an iFrame.

If this is the case, the Microsite is the best option. We would not be able to integrate a page into their site. We could potentionally build a seperate page that looked like their website, but that would be a customization.

The answer to this question is different for every site. For all sites we need FTP in order to upload our own JavaScript and CSS files. Depending on the site, we also might need to create a new page within the site and create a template.

If we do not have FTP access, then one of the situations in the questions above would apply.

First, we duplicate one of the WordPress page templates that we feel would work best with that career page.

We then copy the content for that page underneath where the post is. That way anything you put in the WordPress editor for that page will show up above our content.

We then go into the WordPress header and/or footer and link all the new css & javascript files for our page. To ensure that these files do not interfere with anything else on the site, we code it to check for the PeopleMatter template and only activate the files on that page. That way we ensure anything we do to the site only effects our page.

Yes. Usually what we do is create a page on your site that is not linked to from anywhere. If the site is a Wordpress site, we mark that page as Private. That way, only the admin can see it if they are logged in. We go through our edits on that page and then take it live once approved.

If there is a separate HIRE account for each location, we can do this easily.

If there's only one Hire account, but they want us to create multiple pages on one website for each location, we can do this. There would be an additional cost of $750 for the customization.

Yes, the page syncs automatically. The only maintenance there would be is if the site design was changed and/or if they have any specific custom requests.

Short Answer: Yes.

Long Answer: We create the content of the page to be mobile responsive, but it completely depends on the existing website to be responsive. If the clients existing website is not responsive, our part won't be either. The shell of the site needs to be responsive in order for ours to be.

Yes, but this would be considered 2 pages as we would have to create a page for each website: Your mobile website, and your normal website.

A mobile site is a separate website that users are directed to when visiting from a mobile device. A responsive site is one site that adapts to whatever device your are viewing it on. For more information view this blog post

Yes, however there are specifics that need to be in place in Hire in order for this to work. Please let us know which locations need which icons at the beginning of the project so we can ensure they are set up to do so. This is a $750 customization.

Option Three: Full Custom Career Website

Custom-built career page, scoped between Fork & Knife and the Customer. This may also include customizations to the Configurable Career Microsite offering, including, but not limited to, categorization, multiple pages, custom map pins, or other functionality/layout changes.

Full custom websites start at $7,500, but need to be priced out on a per customer basis.

Learn More about Fork & Knife's Web Design Process Below

Web Design Process »